Sunday, 22 January 2012

State of the world...

Some days there are thoughts going around your head. These thoughts don't really mount to much, just un-connected strands of self wisdom which bring about absolutely nothing.
Thoughts on love, bringing pain, and re-assurance, and a smile, and tears.
Thoughts on the future, bringing hope, and fear, and decisions, and indeciciveness.
Thoughts on society, bringing more wisdom than anything else. There are good actions and bad actions, wise people and clueless people, but society on the whole is inexplicable. There is no direction, there is no cause. Just one huge movement which seems to mount to negativity. It feels like the world as a whole is attracted to self-inflicted destruction and pain. And I fail to understand how.
People on the whole are not like this. People search for love and happiness.
And the answer is simple. It's a raw lust for power, and this brings me very low down.
How is it that such a very small minority of people gain the power to overwhelm such a very large majority of people?
How is it that society, on the whole, is so very different from people, on the whole?

Monday, 2 January 2012

My School Inspiration

So here is a quick set of the sort of clothes I wear to school. For example, instead of the Stella McCartney sweater I wear an old  Lacoste one of my Dad's and I own the backpack version of the satchel. Enjoy :)
My School Inspiration

Stella McCartney knit sweater
$489 -

KENNY short sleeve shirt
$127 -

Reef ruffle skirt
$40 -

Denim pants
$150 -

TopShop lace tight
£12 -

Dr. Martens lace up rubber boots
150 CAD -

Zara studded booties
$100 -

Zara high heel booties
$100 -

Quiksilver cross over bag
$27 -

H M ring
£3.99 -

H M wide ring
£3.99 -

M·A·C 'Viva Glam Gaga' Lipglass
$15 -

Vintage Flag, United Kingdom
$999 -

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Angus and Julia Stone

Inspiration in its purest form.
You really can't feel much deeper than an Angus and Julia Stone song. It has the same impact that Bon Jovi's "Always" and "Bed of Roses" have on me. You try to sing along but instead find yourself delving into the world the songs create. You feel every note played, and realise that your thoughts are your soul's attempt to sing along.
You  may think i'm very slightly obsessed, but the proof I think can be shown below in one of their most amazing songs.
(And I wan't to thank L for introducing me to them and I also want to thank M for helping me to further discover the beauty of this music.)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I believe music is a vital part of someones personality. Personally I'm extremely into indie rock and rock from the 60's. I also love the general air of music from the 80´s and I'm a huge Bon Jovi, Queen and Lady Gaga fan. Thsi of course shows that my music tastes are extremely varied, but I don't see this as a problem because once you get to know me it makes sense. I believe this is true for anyone.
Now, what has this got to do with the title? Well, one of my greatest pleasures is to lie on my sofa, snuggled in a blanket, eating chocolate and watching VH1.
I find it extremely educational because of the range of music the channel covers. This is why I hate general MTV. It rarely shows music videos anymore, but focuses on disgusting reality television. However, MTVHD is slightly better as it does showcase a lot of music, although not a very broad range. MTV Rocks is similar, although of course focused on rock.
One of my favourite programmes is when a rockstar presents a list of their top 50 songs. I find this fascinating, as it allows you to view musical inspiration first hand, from the musician themselves.
Another cool thing about VH1 is how their advertisements comprise completely of video clip mashups. It's very interesting to see the different muscial generations and genres blended together so effectively.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


There are certain things that cease your body and your mind from working. A few weeks ago my brother and me were watching T.V. and this ad came on. We both stopped talking and just focused on the beauty and the power of this video.
Later that day I noticed that we'd both decided to wear our Levi's. I don't know whether this was a coincidence, but I think I subconciously felt powerful putting my Levi's on that morning. And I know for a fact that recently, whenever I see my jeans I think of this video, and the message behind this brand.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Shopping at Zara

I finally went shopping to day for my christmas outfit and this is what I got:
Of course this dress is from Zara, because I find Zara is the only mainstream store that caters to my fashion needs. I also treated myself to this:

It is incredibly strange, but I fell in love with it and had to have it. It does look spellbinding on my hand though.
I also fell in love with this pair of boots I couldn't buy myself:

They are wonderfully grungey, which I love. But alas, due to my recent purchase of Doc Martens, I couldn't permit myself the splurge.
This dress is so beautiful:

The problem is that it is the typical dress that only looks good on you if you are of a very ceratin type of body shape, which not all of us are.
I really can't wait for Christmas.